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OutDigit has been providing Internet enabled solutions to customers in more than 10 countries worldwide. The list of our customer base includes telecom corporations, banks, IT groups and Internet providers.

Alcatel -

Alcatel is a world leader in telecommunications systems and equipment with operations in over 130 countries. It provides complete solutions and services ranging from backbone networks to user terminals for operators, service providers, enterprises and consumers.

Banif -

Banif is the eighth largest financial group in Portugal with a leading presence in the autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira.

Prisma – Altran Group -

Founded in France in 1982, Altran has pioneered innovation consultancy and has become the European leader in this area. Altran brings together the entire range of engineering and consulting specialties, from physical sciences, electronics and information technology, through industrial systems engineering, to strategic and management consultancy.

BCP Group -

Millenium bcp is the biggest Portuguese Financial Group and it is represented in all 5 continents. It's services includes commercial banking, investing banking, asset management, insurance, mortgage loans, specialised credits and more.


Created in 1991, PDM&FC is an IT company that develops software solutions for major european telecom groups. PDM&FC main focus is on developing innovative solutions using open technologies.

Sumol -

Sumol Group today is one of the largest operators in Portugal's fast moving beverages market and the market leader in soft drinks. The Sumol Group is composed of nine different companies.

ParaRede -

ParaRede is a leading provider of IT Services and E-Commerce solutions in Spain and Portugal. The company is strongly established in the domestic market and is implementing a partnerships program with some of the world leaders in the industry, in order to expand its presence in global markets.

MyIntranet -

MyIntranet is an application service provider that specializes in providing internet business services for small and medium-sized businesses. MyIntranet uses its own proprietary technology to deliver internet-ready and cost effective solutions that focus mainly on communication, custommers and marketing.

Japan Sports Association -

The Japan Amateur Sports Association, established in 1911, is a public-service organization that promotes sports as a unifying body in the Japanese amateur sports world that seeks to improve the physical well-being of the Japanese people and foster the spirit of sports.

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