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OutDigit products and solutions are built arround a distibuted platform architecture called OpenServices.

The OpenServices architecture is a Service-Oriented-Arquitecture (SOA) that glues toghether applications and services in an inter-operable environment. Deploying a business application is a matter of customizing and re-using the already built and tested modules whether they reside on your server or on any other part of the world.

OpenServices also redefines a new way of building business applications since it enables each of its applications and services to be Operated and Explored by distinct entities, thus allowing flexible business models such as ASP, Affiliation, or even simple Resselling.

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Technology Features

The OpenServices platform was designed to cope with the philosophy and peculiarities of the Internet environment and to serve as a base to a flexible and modular architecture that can be built using a web services approach.

The following is summary of the technical features that not only describe general capabilities of the OpenServices platform but also prepare it for future expansion.


Web Services Architecture

Future trends indicate that the Internet is geared towards a unified large-scale collaborative network. This can be seen in the consumer market today, where we have plenty of examples of successful large communities that grow every day. The way we making business today will also evolve in to a large array of co-operative networks that will enable to search, advertise, buy and sell whatever product or service available.

The way the OpenServices architecture works allows us to implement this vision and even take one step further. Remember, the key aspect of the future of eBusiness is without a doubt - collaboration.

«Collaboration is the interaction among two or more individuals that can encompass a variety of actions, such as communication, information sharing, coordination, cooperation, problem solving, and negotiation.»

The OpenServices architecture platform shares a web-service styled architecture that allows the installation, operation and exploration of application modules and 3rd-party web services. The benefits of this architecture can be summarized as follow:

OutDigit's OpenServices platform uses a web service approach in all it's application modules so that the user and the provider can benefit from an real interconnected applications which can be customized as to his needs.

To now more about the OpenServices architecture please contact us.


Competitive Advantages

The OpenServices platform aims to create an open web-service driven environment for trusted internet services for businesses. OutDigit mission has always been to deliver its software at the lowest possible price and to the largest amount of customers. To acomplish that we studied and tested several internet architecure models, including open source and proprietary solutions, affiliation, advertising revenue models, and so on.

We ended up with an architecture model that included in its basic, the benefits of both the complete open solution and the proprietary one as well. This model, that we internally call the "Open Provider Service Model", delivers a number of competitive advantages that make the OpenServices platform to gain performance sustainable and provides a platform for growth.

To now more about the OpenServices architecture please contact us.

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